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Born in the summer of 1994 Carlos Jose Lopez Jr entered this world from immigrant families that had traveled from Latin America, El Salvador to specify, to the United States for more opportunities, better life, and to live the American dream.


The youngest of his family, Carlos Jose was drawn to music at an early age.

Having a father who had his own band and El Salvador - he guided his son and trained him to learn compositions by ear, sing with supported breath and technique - write lyrics and melodies.


Carlos Jose began an early career in school plays - the school band (elementary school band) that toured across the bay area and performed in various save the music foundation events; as-well-as the lead singer for Sea Shanties in a 2005 sailor in San Francisco festival.


Continuing singing throughout his adolescence...he joined the choir at Concord High School in Concord California at the age of 15, A freshman in high school; as a freshman, he was moved to the centerstage position in his show choir for his versatility in vocals and dance. Also, as a touring choir (the group went on to top 1st Gold in various heritage music festivals) across the country.


Maintaining this position until his senior year and graduation - after graduating High School, he began his career as a solo independent artist. Recording many songs and releasing them via SoundCloud until his debut album in 2019 in titled “Sunset With Dolores” - with that album he began to tour across California performing at various events in Northern California and in Los Angeles. Sunset With Dolores had 3 mains singles which are “Mi Amor”, “Rainbow” and “Highway 101”. The album also included a Fan Favorite “Our Ways”.


During 2020, he moved his career by performing on a virtual level  - instagram live concerts and started the latest project, An EP title “So So Cali”. The first single from the EP was recently released on streaming platforms entitled “OZ (Don’t Know How To Go).” A star in the Golden State which is yet to rise worldwide. The Voice From The Golden Gate has an established sound and catalog of what the music from the golden gated Bay is really about.


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