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Pride of the San Francisco Bay Area, Carlos Jose is a star well on his rise. An independent recording artist who has just released his debut album entitled “Sunset With Dolores” which infuses modern day hip hop and R&B productions with his lyrical tenor voice and barbershop style harmonies. “Sunset With Dolores” has a nostalgic San Francisco sound with the opening track “Leo Sol” which then sets it’s course to Dolores Park in “Send Someone” The album drives you away with “Highway 101” and sending you off into orbit with graceful whistles and sustain vocal phrases in “Rainbow” an flips when we find ourselves singing in Spanish with love song “Mi Amor” The album has its own hue or longing and acceptance though when it comes to its completion with “Clouds” ending the experience. “Sunset With Dolores” is not the only project Carlos Jose has put out In 2016 he released an EP entitled “The Voice From The Golden Gate” Primarily made up of Ballads you get a chance to meet The Voice in his earlier years with songs like “City of Love” and “Apologies” the EP is was released exclusively on SoundCloud. Aside from the studio projects, Carlos Jose has performed at various events across the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles California, has 3 visuals out for the lead singles of the album, and is production for his next studio release. We invite you all to come and Experience The Sunset With “Sunset With Dolores” an album for the old souls and those who and new to love.  

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